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Hooverphonic and 'The Wrong Place': the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest entry

Hooverphonic and 'The Wrong Place': the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest entry

This morning, Hooverphonic and Belgian broadcaster VRT have released both song and video for The Wrong Place, Belgium’s Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2021. Geike Arnaert, Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts dropped by radio station MNM for the scoop. ​

The song

The Wrong Place is written by Alex Callier and Charlotte Foret, who caught Callier’s eye with her indie success single Wasted Time.

Says Callier: We heard Johnny Cash on the radio during a songwriting session. In jest, we gave ourselves the challenge to incorporate Johnny Cash in our new song. This resulted in the lyric ‘Don’t you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt’. The rest of the song is built around this phrase.”

The Wrong Place once again proves Hooverphonic’s flawless ability to reinvent their own iconic sound.

“We didn’t write the song with the Eurovision Song Contest in mind. Not at all. But it kept popping up as a possible candidate. There was something about that song that made an impression. As per usual, this is a Hooverphonic tune that could be the soundtrack to a non-existing movie. The lyrics are inspired by Lee Hazelwood (who wrote These Boots Are Made For Walkin' for Nancy Sinatra, and countless other classics). With the whiff of sarcasm, some sardonic humour, and the well-defined attitude as a result.”

The Wrong Place is available for download now.

The video clip

At the same time, Hooverphonic has revealed the video for The Wrong Place. It’s a collaboration of the best in the business. Jan Boon, international documentary and commercial director of - amongst others - Hooverphonic video's Badaboum and Amalfi; Anton Mertens, the DOP of various Netflix Originals, War of the Worlds, the prestigious Versailles and Hotel Beau Séjour; steadicam maestro Olivier Merckx (War of the Worlds, Cordon, Versailles); Olivier Bisback (Jean-Claude Van Damme’s stunt double) as Geike’s counterpart; and stylist Tom Eerebout (who has designed for Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga, amongst others).

Hooverphonic: “It’s a recognizable situation for some of us: to wake up in ‘the wrong place’. This doesn’t have to result in a severed head as seen in the clip, but Hooverphonic sure likes this kind of theatrical dark humour. Jackie Cane is a good example of that. Jan Boon has once more translated a scene from a non-existing movie into a gorgeous clip. ‘Tarantino meets Tim Burton’, or a fairy tale come true. Visually arresting, 100% Hooverphonic.”

The act

The art direction and the mise en scène of the act are being handled by Ignace D’Haese and Hans Pannecoucke. Both have been valued supporting players in Hooverphonic’s team for years and have guided the band to memorable, magic performances in the Sportpaleis, the Ancienne Belgique, and the Koningin Elisabethzaal.

In Rotterdam, Geike, Alex and Raymond will be joined by Christa Jerôme (who co-wrote and sang two songs on In Wonderland) and trusted drummer Arnout Hellofs.

Stylist Tom Eerebout

Tom Eerebout has taken to task the band’s styling for the video, and for the Rotterdam stage outfits. Eerebout is a Belgian stylist and fashion advisor who graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He has collaborated with Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga (for whom he recently designed the dress for her performance at Joe Biden’s Inauguration).

Biography Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic is a band that likes to go off the beaten path. For over 25 years, they have perfected their own unique, instantly recognizable sound. Alex Callier (songwriter/producer) and Raymond Geerts (guitarist) have been the band’s backbone from day one. They have worked together with a wide range of supremely talented singers, and are happy to be reunited with the iconic voice of Geike Arnaert since autumn 2020.

Through the years, the band has evolved from the dark, subdued trip hop from their 1996 début to a warmer, more orchestral sound that’s part psychedelic, part catchy and part poppy, but always the soundtrack to a non-existing movie. Hooverphonic still tours the world with a solid live reputation and hits like 2Wicky, Eden, Mad About You, Anger Never Dies, Amalfi, Badaboum and Romantic.

Many a song has ended up on soundtracks to influential movies and television shows such as Stealing Beauty, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Permanent Midnight, CSI, Entourage, La Femme Nikita, Cold Case and the recent Netflix success The Umbrella Academy. After last year’s unfortunate covid-induced cancellation, Hooverphonic will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May 2021. The first semi-final will take place on Tuesday 18 May.

Geike on the Eurovision Song Contest

When I joined the band again last fall, Alex mentioned the ESC and a voice in my head said: ‘Oh, right, there’s that …’ International attention of this magnitude is decidedly outside of my comfort zone. But then again, I have to admit that 9-year old Geike looked up to Belgian candidates like Sandra Kim and Liliane Saint-Pierre. I even imitated them in my own backyard. The contest has always fascinated me, and might as well have planted the seed that put me on the path of becoming a singer."

Raymond on the Eurovision Song Contest

“Even as a kid, me and the ESC had a bond. The jukebox in my grandmother’s café had all the winners’ singles. The diversity of the festival have always been dear to me. I really dig Non ho l’età (1964 winner Gigliola Cinquetti) and ABBA’s Waterloo from 1974, the Belgian entries from Jean Valé, Louis Neefs and Bob Benny, and the revolutionary trailblazing song Rendez-vous by Pas De Deux from 1983. I’m looking forward to representing Belgium this year.”

Alex on the Eurovision Song Contest

Alex Callier has been a fan of the ESC for years: “The festival is one of the most colourful competitions that has something for everybody: the contrast between different cultures, art and kitsch, intimate and grotesque, cool and camp. The many faces of the contest are the reason why so many people have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the show for all these years. 2021 will be the first time that I won’t be watching from my couch, and that’s quite exciting.”

Lyrics The Wrong Place

I wake up, and I think

I could use another drink

I'm reaching for a smoke

to forget about last night


I get up cause I need

a shot of instant remedy

I put a record on 

that makes me think about last night


 It all ended in the weirdest trip

 you started acting way too hip

 That's why 

 I ignored you for a long, long time

 but then you had the best opening line


You're in the wrong place


You're lying next to me.

I don't know where to hide

I see your smiley face

that makes me wanna cry

What was I thinking 

cause all we did was fight


Don't you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt


You're in the wrong place


You wake up, and you think

You won't need another drink

You don't want me to smoke

Though I didn't stop last night


You get up cause you need

an organic cup of tea

You put a record on

That makes you think about last night


 You confused me with your blurry eyes

 Thought you were a different kind of guy

 That's why

 I took you to my messy place

 but it felt as if we were in a different space.


You're in the wrong place


You're lying next to me

I don't know where to hide

I see your smiley face

that makes me wanna cry

What was I thinking 

cause all we did was fight


Don't you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt

You're in the wrong place

Don’t you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt

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